Verify End-Users Online, From Anywhere

Knowing your customer mitigates risk, fraud, and cyberthreats.

Users can be quickly verified by help desk technicians via push authentications


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How Do You Know They Are Who They Say They Are?

Customer and MSP Technician Impersonations are on the rise. Verbal identification over the phone is a thing of the past and relying on this method poses a significant risk.

How are you currently verifying caller identities?
Many MSPs state that they know their clients' voices, but how do you really know for sure?

Quickpass answers that question.

Quickpass Eliminates Social Engineering Threats, Easily.

Using Quickpass, a technician sends a request from the web dashboard to verify the end-user’s identity, which sends a push notification to the end-user. With the Quickpass mobile app (Or via SMS), the end-user then clicks the option to Approve or Deny the request and the confirmation is immediately sent back to the technician.

It's That Simple.

Verification Request on mobile app
end-user verification message

Real-Time Verification

  • Send verification requests to end-users, in real-time, to mitigate risk of impersonation and ransomware attacks.
  • Receive instant identity confirmations once verification requests are approved so you can access your account.
  • End-users can approve or cancel verification requests from technicians directly on their mobile device.

Easy-to-Use Mobile App for End-Users

  • The intuitive app makes it easy for users to verify their identities
  • For end-users not wanting to download the app, Quickpass can still be used via SMS.
user verification
Connectwise interface and quickpass pod with logos of AD, O365, local accounts and Azure

Integrate with Your Existing Stack

  • Quickpass can be plugged into your MSP tech stack for a seamless, single pane of glass integration.
  • PSA Integration: Includes ConnectWise Manage and will very soon include Datto.

Save Help Desk Time

  • The average cost per technician and resources is $100/hr ($25 per 15 mins) according to Forester Research
  • How long does it take to perform the additional process to verify your customer identities manually…2 mins or more? This can become quite costly, very fast.
  • Quickpass verifies customer identities in less than 30 seconds. The savings will speak for themselves.

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