Hate Password Reset Tickets?

Tired of spending countless hours supporting password reset tickets?
No time to rotate admin passwords?
You're not alone!


who it's for?

MSP’s looking for…

A self-serve password reset and account unlock solution for their clients

An Auto rotate admin password solution

A Central console for password resets

The problem

  • End users forget their password, get locked out of their accounts and/or don't change their password before it expires
  • MSP's get blamed for enforcing password policies
  • End users must call their service desk to reset their password.
  • Password reset tickets are costly and time consuming on average costing $25 USD and taking 15 mins per ticket.
  • Admin accounts get set to never expire opening a significant security risk since accounts must be manually reset.
  • Admin accounts must be manually rotated when technicians quit.

quickpass solution

  • End users are notified, can easily reset their password and unlock their account without calling their MSP
  • MSPs can centrally reset their end user and admin passwords
  • Admin accounts can be auto rotated on a set schedule or when technicians quit.

Easy and intuitive

  • Get setup and running in minutes.
  • Simple and intuitive end user mobile and web app.
  • Notifications for critical password events.

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Lower Costs / Increase Profits

  • Substantially reduce password reset tickets.
  • Increase Service desk productivity by automating admin password rotations

See the ROI calculator here.

Efficient/Best Practices

  • Implement best practice password policies.
  • Offload password resets to end users.
  • Reset passwords through central admin console.
  • Auto rotate admin passwords.

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