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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it difficult to setup?

It's extremely straightforward. We provide an easy to install self-updating Active Directory agent that can be silently deployed through most remote software installation or RMM platforms. Meanwhile, for Office 365, Azure and IT Glue we connect via their API.

2. What integrations are supported?

We support integrations with IT Glue, Active Directory, Office 365 and Azure (more coming soon!). It only takes a few minutes to setup your customers with Quickpass and get access to our full toolset for automated password rotations, identity verification, self-service resets and account unlocks.

3. Will my data be secure?

Yes. All user password data is encrypted and decrypted using AES-256 SSL encryption. The same level of encryption used by online banking and government agencies. To go a step further, we added biometrics for end-users to access the mobile app and multi-factor authentication for technicians to access our web portal.

4. Is there a free trial?

Currently, we don't offer free trials. However, we do have a 30-day money back guarantee in the unlikely event Quickpass does not meet your needs.