Privileged, Service and Local Account Password Management
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The easiest way to secure your privileged, service and local account passwords

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Q Guard proactively secures your customers most sensitive accounts from both external and internal threats and saves you time and money with automation.

Proactively filling critical security gaps in your customers IT infrastructure for compliance and peace of mind can be very costly and time consuming. This is where Q Guard is an essential tool for your MSP in a cost effective package.  Using automation to on-board, link with the password vault of your choice and  rotating privileged, service and local account passwords before the accounts get hacked or compromised.


Stop the most common cause of ransomware by preventing account takeovers from compromised credentials


MFA alone won't protect you from all cyber threats. Protect yourself from man-in-the-middle and pass-the-cookie attacks


Minimize your exposure to key logging malware, brute force, credential stuffing and password spraying attacks


Protect against internal threats such as disgruntled technicians sharing privileged credentials with bad actors


Mitigate lateral movement and privilege escalation by securing local accounts


Take pressure off technicians and automate repetitive tasks including password resets, updating password vaults and updating windows service/scheduled task passwords


Integrate with the password vault of your choice


Automated on-boarding


Increase your security offering and fill compliance requirements while saving time and money

Privileged and Service Password Management

Privileged and Service Password Management
  • Automate privileged login and service password rotations
  • Update Windows Services and Scheduled Tasks
  • Proactively protect privileged and service accounts from ransomware attacks
  • Sleep better at night. Add another security layer to MFA
  • Supports Active Directory, Office 365 and Azure Active Directory

Local Account
Password Solution

Local AccountPassword Solution
  • Better alternative to Microsoft LAPS
  • Protect Domain-joined, non-domain-joined and Azure AD joined computers
  • Protect remote workers
  • Whether computers are on or off the corporate network Quickpass has you covered

Monitor Critical Privileged Account Changes

Monitor Critical Privileged Account Changes
  • Creating
  • Disabling
  • Deletion
  • Password Changes

Centralized Account Management

Centralized Account Management
  • View Account and Password Status
  • Enable/Disable Accounts
  • Unlock Accounts
  • Reset Passwords

Cyber grade Vault

Password Vault
Quickpasss Password manager V2

Backup your Password Vault (Coming Soon)

Backup your Password Vault
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Secure your MSP and your Customers with Flexibility and Value

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One of our Best Purchase of the year
"I had been hearing about QuickPass, but honestly couldn't believe how deeply the product integrated with our documentation platform, and how easy QuickPass makes it for us to manage password resets. This product is easily one of our best purchases, not only this year but ever! It's a pleasure to use, the team there is phenomenally responsive, and we're very happy with our decision to implement it."

Luis G.- Information Technology and Services.

“Quickpass has been very forthcoming & honest with their product which is rare for any company today”

Josh H. - ADB Inc.

“Overall, we are delighted to be using QuickPass and it has not only made our lives more secure, but it has reduced the amount of issues we have to deal with by allowing end users to reset their own passwords. A great product that we would highly recommend to other MSPs and ITSPs!”

Nicole Q. - Debian IT

"It would be hard to find such an easy to deploy software package that has such a profound effect on productivity. The ability to put the power of password resets directly into our users hands is amazing."

Aaron J. - Total Networks