End-User Self-Serve Password Reset, Identity Verification and Account Management
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Supercharge your help desk by minimizing password reset tickets, resolving tickets faster and more securely

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Q Desk empowers your help desk by minimizing costly password reset tickets, providing technicians with tools to resolve tickets faster and eliminating social engineering attacks.

IT Helpdesks are under extreme pressure to meet SLA targets and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Password reset tickets amount to 20-30% of all help desk support requests and cost up to a whopping $75 USD per incident. Helpdesks are also a huge target for hackers and bad actors to exploit with social engineering attacks. The time is now to secure your help desk and reduce waste and cost with Q desk.


Greatly reduce password reset ticket volume with an easy to use self-serve password reset solution


Resolve password reset tickets faster directly from Quickpass or your PSA


Microsoft AD Connect causing frustration? Sync AD or Local passwords with O365 without the headaches


Need to keep track of end-user passwords? Optionally save end-user passwords in the vault of your choice


Easy automated on-boarding

Password Reset

Self-Serve Password Reset
  • Empower end-users to reset passwords and unlock accounts no matter where they are
  • Substantially reduce password reset ticket volume
  • Save up to $75 USD every time an end-user resets their own password and does not call the help desk
  • Convenient mobile and web app
  • Biometric authentication


Identity Verification
  • Easily Verify End-Users Online, From Anywhere
  • Knowing your customer mitigates risk, fraud, and cyberthreats.
  • Whether computers are on or off the corporate network Quickpass has you covered

Centralized Account Management

Centralized Account Management
  • View Account and Password Status
  • Enable/Disable Accounts
  • Unlock Accounts
  • Reset Passwords

Office 365 Password Sync

Office 365 Password Sync
  • Sync Active Directory and local account passwords with Office 365 without wait times and confusing end-users
  • Microsoft AD Connect Alternative
  • Simple setup

Cyber grade Vault

Password Vault
Quickpasss Password manager V2


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Secure your MSP and your Customers with Flexibility and Value

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See What Our Clients are Saying

One of our Best Purchase of the year
"I had been hearing about QuickPass, but honestly couldn't believe how deeply the product integrated with our documentation platform, and how easy QuickPass makes it for us to manage password resets. This product is easily one of our best purchases, not only this year but ever! It's a pleasure to use, the team there is phenomenally responsive, and we're very happy with our decision to implement it."

Luis G.- Information Technology and Services.

“Quickpass has been very forthcoming & honest with their product which is rare for any company today”

Josh H. - ADB Inc.

“Overall, we are delighted to be using QuickPass and it has not only made our lives more secure, but it has reduced the amount of issues we have to deal with by allowing end users to reset their own passwords. A great product that we would highly recommend to other MSPs and ITSPs!”

Nicole Q. - Debian IT

"It would be hard to find such an easy to deploy software package that has such a profound effect on productivity. The ability to put the power of password resets directly into our users hands is amazing."

Aaron J. - Total Networks