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What's the Quickpass Return on Investment (ROI)

Password Reset Labor Cost

Password Reset Labor Cost


  • Average Times a User Calls the Help Desk Per Year: 11(Source: Mandylion Research Lab -http://www.mandylionlabs.com/PRCCalc/PRCCalc.htm)
  • Percent of Calls Associated with Password Resets: 30% (Source: Gartner Group)
  • Average cost per password reset ticket: $25  (Source: Forrester Research)


  • Average Password Reset tickets per user per year: 3.3
  • Average Annual Cost per user for password reset tickets: $82.5 (3.3 X $25)
  • Average Monthly cost per user for password reset tickets: $6.88 ($82.5/12)
  • Annual payment plan chosen
  • Average end user adoption rate of Quickpass: 50%


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