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September 9, 2022

Release Updates

September 09, 2022: New Feature Release

Robby Singh
September 09, 2022: New Feature Release

Redesigned Quickpass Admin Dashboard

Happy Friday!

As you may have noticed, this week we rolled out the redesigned Quickpass admin dashboard. With this update, we have not only given the admin dashboard a fresh and clean look but also improved the performance and consistency throughout the application. The standardizations we have done on the front-end and back-end will enable us to deliver on our roadmap faster.

New Login
End-User accounts screen
match accounts

Some key functionality includes

1. Clean UI with improved performance

2. Compact navigation to give you more space for accounts information

3. Simplified matching flows for mapping Customers and Accounts within Quickpass to your other systems such as IT Glue, Hudu, or ConnectWise Manage

4. Many smaller enhancements and bug fixes

We'd love to hear your feedback!

This was a big update and our team will be working diligently to fix any issues that are reported. You can send your feedback via email to If you have questions or need support just head over to Quickpass Support and we’ll help you out.

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