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January 25, 2021

Release Updates

January 25, 2021: New Feature Release

Jim Jessup
January 25, 2021: New Feature Release

New Feature Release

Its 2021 and time for the first feature release of Quickpass in this new year. There are four main features in this update all from customer feedback. For IT Glue we have substantially enhanced our integration for local accounts by associating them with IT Glue configurations and also did a major overhaul of searching with IT Glue. In addition, the long awaited Reports menu is finally here and we've enabled support for local accounts with our self-serve password reset system.

Enhanced IT Glue Password Entry Matching for Local Accounts

  • Create IT Glue configuration embedded passwords from Local Accounts
  • Match IT Glue configuration embedded passwords with Local Accounts
  • Computer name associated with Local Account added to IT Glue password entry name

New Reports Menu

  • Download essential reporting data from Quickpass in csv file format

Improved IT Glue Search

  • IT Glue searching was completely refactored and now supports full index and partial search

Self-Serve now works with Local Accounts

  • The Quickpass self-serve password reset system will now work with local accounts in non Active Directory environments.

Quickpass Partners with Wallarm


Quickpass takes security very seriously and are excited to announce our partnership with Wallarm to provide our web application firewall. Wallarm scans all traffic in and out of the Quickpass API to monitor and automatically block attacks and proactively detect and report vulnerabilities.


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