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June 4, 2020

Release Updates

June 4, 2020 New Feature Release

Jim Jessup
June 4, 2020 New Feature Release

New Feature Release: IT Glue Integration and Active Director Agent Updates

Connect End-User Accounts to IT Glue Password Entries

We've now made it super convenient to keep your end-users passwords up-to-date in IT Glue and MyGlue.

Connect End-User Accounts

Connect a Single IT Glue Organization to Multiple Quickpass Customers

You can now connect both Active Directory and Office 365 tenants to the same IT Glue organization.

Updated UI to Reflect Changes

Active Directory Password Filter

• Server Agent Version 2.3.4

Quickpass already updates Active Directory and Office 365 passwords in IT Glue when passwords are reset within Quickpass.

Now we also recognize when technicians reset passwords directly on an Active Directory domain controllers and domain joined end-user workstations then automatically update their IT Glue password entries.

Note: Be sure to restart your Active Directory domain controllers after they are updated to 2.3.4 to activate this feature.

Active Directory Password Filter

New End-User Account Quickpass Status Filter

Now you're able to filter end-usre account status with "On-boarding Not Completed". This way you can list all end-user accounts who have not completed on-boarding to the self-serve app.

Quickpass Status Filter

Dark Mode Theme

You can now change the Quickpass theme at any time in the Settings menu.

Dark Mode

Extended Self-Serve On-Boarding Welcome Email to 30 Days

End-users now have up to 30 days to complete the on-boarding registration instead of only 24 hours. If they on-board sooner the link will expire at that time.

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