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July 20, 2020

Release Updates

July 20, 2020: New Feature Release

Jim Jessup

New Feature Release: Service Account Rotation, Universal Customer Type, Legacy Password Length Support, and Scheduled Password Rotation Time Windows

Service Account Password Rotations

  • Rotate Active Directory accounts that are used for Windows Services and Scheduled Tasks.
  • After rotating the password for a Windows Service Account Quickpass will search all servers with agents installed and update the password and restart the Windows service after. Similarly, Quickpass will search all servers with agents for Scheduled Tasks using that account and update the password there also.
  • Create a separate schedule for Service Account rotation than regular Administrator Account rotations.
  • Support for Active Directory member servers has also been added to ensure you can rotate service accounts on all servers joined to Active Directory.

Universal Customer Type

  • As a first step towards our upcoming release of password synchronization between Active Directory and Office 365 we switched to a universal customer type that can be used for either Active Directory or Office 365.

Legacy Password Length Support

  • Some version of Windows Server Essentials that leverage a built-in utility sync passwords between Active Directory and Office 365 enforce a 16 character password limit in Active Directory. Quickpass supports using a set length complex password between 8 and 16 characters in addition to longer passphrases.

Scheduled Password Rotation Time Windows

  • To support greater scale-ability we have introduced one-hour time windows for scheduled password rotations vs an exact minute. Quickpass will spread out all password rotations within that one-hour time frame to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

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