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April 7, 2021

Release Updates

April 7, 2021: New Feature Released

Jim Jessup
April 7, 2021: New Feature Released

New Feature Release

The Connectwise Manage Integration is finally here! Improve the efficiency of your service desk by allowing technicians to get access to essential features without leaving their Connectwise service ticket. Reclaim your help desk efficiency by minimizing the time it takes to resolve password reset tickets, unlock accounts and securely verify the identifies of your customers.

New - Connectwise Manage Integration

  • Access Quickpass End-User Accounts in Connectwise Service Tickets
  • Active Directory, Microsoft 365 and Local Account Support
ConnectWise Manage interface with Quickpass Pod

  • View Password Expiration and Account statuses
Quickpass Pod with expiration date highlighted
  • Reset End-User Passwords
Quickpass Pod with Reset Password option highlighted
Reset Password page on Quickpass pod

  • Unlock Accounts instantly
Unlock account Option Highlighted on Quickpass pod
  • Quickly Verify End-User Identities
Identity verification Option Highlighted on Quickpass pod
Identity Verification Option on Quickpass Pod

For more info visit the Connectwise Integration Deployment Guides and User Guides

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