The IT Glue Security Integration Tool that every MSP Must Have

Includes IT Glue Password Rotations & More

  • Implement scheduled and on-demand privileged password rotations with IT Glue.
  • Offer a seamless self-serve password reset solution for your end users and optionally keep track of their passwords in IT Glue.
  • Implement a local account password solution (LAPS) with IT Glue.
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Key Features

Small IT Glue Auto Rotation

Scheduled or On-Demand Privileged Password Rotations


Self-Serve Password Resets (SSPR) for End-Users

Seamless Integration LAPS

Implement LAPS
with IT Glue

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Password Back-Ups with Quickpass’ Password Vault

Coming Soon

“Quickpass is a must have Security Tool”

"I couldn't be a bigger fan. Quickpass has always been upforth and honest about their product and pricing, they've been very quick and responsive to my requests (both technical and non-technical), and the system has been built in a reliable fashion. Setup is simple and well documented. Furthermore, the integration with IT Glue enabled us to have zero impact on our day-to-day MSP operations while deploying this in mass. This tool has become a central part of our security efforts, and one that will continue to help us be a leader in the industry."

Connor M. - NOC Manager

Scheduled or On-Demand Privileged Password Rotations

How much time does it take to rotate your privileged passwords right now? Are you even doing them?

  • Rotating Passwords in IT Glue and Active Directory with Quickpass take no time at all, so your techs can focus on high value tasks.
  • Avoid the risk of disastrous account takeovers and sleep easy knowing your passwords are not being shared on the dark web. Rotate passwords before they become compromised by security breaches and technician turnover.

Self-Serve Password Resets (SSPR)
for End-User

  • Stop wasting time with password reset tickets. Increase your help desk's efficiency up to 73% by significantly reducing or even eliminating your password reset support tickets. Empower them to reset their passwords, unlock their accounts and verify their identity..
  • (Optional) Seamlessly track your end-user's passwords in IT Glue or allow end-users to reset their passwords in MyGlue.

Seamless LAPS Integration with IT Glue

  • Using the same backdoor local username and password on end-user workstations? Fill a critical security security gap and implement a local account password solution (LAPS).
  • Look no further with the easiest setup in the market for implementing LAPS with IT Glue. No PowerShell or RMM scripts needed - It's that simple.
Quickpass IT Glue Vault

Password Back-Ups with
Quickpass' Password Vault

*Coming Soon
  • Quickpass' Password Vault is continually kept up to date with the most recent password updates in IT Glue.
  • If IT Glue experiences downtime, Quickpass will ensure that you still have access to your passwords. Don't lose a day of productivity.

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Take IT Glue to the next level with Quickpass.

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