Resolve ConnectWise Tickets Faster
and More Securely

Integrate Quickpass with ConnectWise and stop wasting time on password reset tickets. Verify end-user identities 70% faster, reset passwords and unlock accounts directly in ConnectWise Service tickets.

Key Integration Features

Without Quickpass, ConnectWise users are
missing out on key security features.

Let us show you.

verify users with Quickpass

Verify User Identities 70% Faster and Speed Up Ticket Resolutions

  • Cut the time it takes to verify user identities with the Quickpass end-user app, integrated with ConnectWise.
  • Technicians can quickly and trustfully verify end-user identities, reset passwords and unlock accounts right from a ConnectWise service ticket.

Single Pane of Glass -
No Tool Juggling

  • With Quickpass' ConnectWise Manage integration, you won't have to leave the service ticket to use our system.
  • We simply add our powerful Active Directory, Office 365 and Local Account integrations as a service ticket pod, allowing you to avoid having to use multiple tools.
ConnectWise integration with quickpass and accounts it supports
Helpdesk Efficiency

Reduce Password Reset Tickets by 60%

  • Password reset tickets are time-consuming and waste approximately $70 per ticket on average.
  • Quickpass provides Self-Service Password Resets (SSPR) for end-users to bypass the helpdesk completely, greatly reducing password reset tickets. If they still call you can reset passwords for them lighting fast, directly from the ConnectWise Service ticket with Quickpass.
  • Don't lose customers over slow help desk response times and keep your technicians focused on high value tasks.

See What Our Clients are Saying

“With Quickpass, we get a tool that's doubly beneficial. It's a time-saver for our team and an easy, secure way for our clients to be just a tap away from instantly resolving their password woes.”

Jesse C. - Network Coverage

“Quickpass has been very forthcoming & honest with their product which is rare for any company today”

Josh H. - ADB Inc.

“Overall, we are delighted to be using QuickPass and it has not only made our lives more secure, but it has reduced the amount of issues we have to deal with by allowing end users to reset their own passwords. A great product that we would highly recommend to other MSPs and ITSPs!”

Nicole Q. - Debian IT

"It would be hard to find such an easy to deploy software package that has such a profound effect on productivity. The ability to put the power of password resets directly into our users hands is amazing."

Aaron J. - Total Networks

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