Who we are  

  • Quickpass is a rapidly growing Software as a Service (SAAS) provider of credential management and identity security solutions for the Managed IT Services (MSP) industry. 
  • MSPs in 13 countries depend on Quickpass to deliver its critical solutions. 
  • We foster an entrepreneurial culture within a dynamic and multicultural work environment. We seek like-minded individuals, whose drive to succeed helps our customers and our team to succeed as well.
  • Our only aim is to be the best at what we do by bringing extra value to the community.
  • Our best asset is our team.
  • Quickpass is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Who you are

In the role of Product Owner, you will play an essential role in shaping the growth of our two products: Q Desk and Q Guard. Q Desk empowers help desks by minimizing costly password reset tickets, providing technicians with tools to resolve tickets faster and eliminating social engineering attacks. Q Guard proactively secures MSP sensitive customer accounts from both external and internal threats and saves time and money with automation. 

As a Product Owner you will join forces with internal and external stakeholders to translate product strategy and problem solving into a detailed, prioritized backlog of user stories. Together you will drive the product vision, roadmap and growth opportunities. 

The ideal Product Owner should be a persuasive and effective communicator. It is about engaging in communication, where everyone's viewpoints help to build consensus and to drive to the same goal. Humility and empathy are key to learning from others and cause a positive impact to others.    

The ideal candidate will help keep the company and its assets secure by following security and compliance guidelines.         

This exciting role involves working with teams across the business, ensuring the development team is aligned with the strategic drivers from our key stakeholders - customers. 

You will also collaborate with an agile delivery team to implement, measure, and learn from the improvements they have made. 

What your responsibilities are

  • Support business strategy by forming a backlog of features and user stories for use by the development and client-facing teams.
  • Deliver agreed-upon feature developments in line with the roadmap through effective management of the feature backlog, researching use cases, writing user stories and requirements, and working with our designers and engineers to get the project completed.
  • Maintain documentation of current product functionality, requirements and business rules
  • Work collaboratively and use best practices when interviewing and collecting feedback from customers to support backlog refinement, sprint planning, and long-term release planning. Effectively use data and insights from multiple sources that benefit the business and our members.
  • Constantly pursue incremental delivery by looking for ways to meet business goals and learn from team members and end users through frequent, measurable enhancements.
  • Prioritize and resolve issues and defects through collaboration.
  • Seek to improve processes across the entire product and delivery teams by using retrospectives.
  • Stay current on Product Ownership in order to apply product development and agile delivery practices.

What your qualifications are

  • Past work experience with SaaS Startups or Scaleups
  • Experience scaling a SaaS product
  • Experience with product development and knowledge of agile methodologies including the full Software Development Lifecycle.
  • Leadership, communication and relationship building skills.
  • Experience using a data-driven approach to problem solving.
  • A self-starter with the ability to take ownership, work with tight timelines, handle various tasks simultaneously while maintaining a positive attitude. 
  • You have 3 to 5 years’ experience as a product owner in the field of B2B SaaS platforms;
  • Knowledge of agile development environments and UX design practices;
  • Passion for constant learning and personal growth
  • Special consideration for: 
• Experience in a two-sided market
• Knowledge of the Managed Service Provider channel
• Experience in product-led growth
• Experience with Canny.io or similar product management platforms 
• Experience with Pendo or similar analytics platforms 

“Our Commitment 

Quickpass is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion. We believe in equal treatment and opportunity for all staff and strive to actively build a diverse workforce where everyone is treated equally. Everyone has a responsibility to treat others with dignity and respect, and make sure all people feel included and have access to the same opportunities. We actively strive to create an environment where all persons are able to share their ideas, beliefs, and skills. “