The easiest way to secure your privileged passwords.

Rotate privileged passwords on-demand or automatically on a set schedule.


Prevent account takeovers.

MFA alone won't protect you from all cyber threats.
Protect yourself from internal threats.
Avoid brute force, credential stuffing and password spraying attacks.

Secure your local accounts

Stop using the same passwords for all your backdoor local admin accounts.
Automate the rotation of local admin passwords and keep your password vault up to date.

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Choose your password vault.

We give you the flexibility to choose your password vault: Quickpass, Hudu, IT Glue.
Never lose access to your passwords. Backup and sync your passwords to Quickpass.

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See Password Rotation in Action

Get a personalized demo to learn how to leverage automated password rotations.

See It In Action

Get a personalized demo to learn how you can leverage Quickpass to enhance your business.